Kyiv – One Month In

It’s been about a month since I arrived to Ukraine from Calgary, and I’m surprised by how quickly it seems to have gone by. During the past few weeks I have been meeting with volunteers who I made contact with in my first week, and together we have been planning various community events which we hope to organize this summer – these volunteers are also hoping to start floorball and tensing in Kyiv come September.

I’m sitting at my table in my 17th floor flat – looking out onto sky high concrete apartment buildings in the Darnitsya oblast of Kyiv. I’m preparing to leave for National Camp in Crimea, in the city of Shcholkine – which will be attended by Y participants from all over the country. We’ll spend 10 days there enjoying sports, theatre, music, and various workshops – as well as the beautiful crimean beach. When I get back to Kyiv I will welcome Carla Bitz from Calgary YMCA – and shortly thereafter we will depart for Volyn regional camp in Swityaz! I always enjoyed Y Calgary camps as a child, as a counselor, as a coordinator, and now I am enjoying a experiencing new kinds of Y camps as an international intern.

Best friends at a local daycamp I participated in.