Kids talk about Strong Kids

 We have been featuring several student-generated newspaper articles this week!  If you missed our other features, you can find them here: , and

Each newspaper was sold at $0.50 for students, $1.00 for adults, and $1.75 for YMCA Staff. Their group raised over $130 for Strong Kids!

STRONG KIDS: YMCA’s Strong Kids Campaign

By: Falconridge YMCA

YMCA Strong Kids is an annual fundraising campaign focused on raising much needed resources that give kids the opportunties they need to live healthier, happier lives now, but also to grow into productive adults.

This Campaign is also used to help fund the YMCA programs that happen right here at Falconridge Elementary! To learn more about YMCA Strong Kids go to

Kids Quotes: Talking about Strong Kids

“Strong Kids is like a big bank account that gives you money so I can come to YMCA everyday” – Hayle

“I love Strong Kids, because we get to come up with fun ways to get money” – Brayden

“Sometimes we have to work really hard in order to help other people, just like they helped us” – Alisha

“I feel good when I participate in Strong Kids because I know that the money we raise is being used to help people be able to use YMCA and learn and have fun” – Kristopher

“Without Strong Kids, none of us would be able to come to YMCA every day after school; that’s why it’s important for us to give back, because somebody helped us get there, so we should help other kids do the same thing” – Puneet

A huge congratulations and thank you to the students of Falconridge YMCA and our fantastic student authors: Puneet, Brayden, Anuska, Ritiak, Karanvir, Chunra, Priyanka, Amal, Brandon, Jesse (85.7% of YMCA say you look like Justin Bieber!), Berkley, Sahil, Bhuvan, Kristopher, Alisha, Shur-khan, and Hayle!