Keep your workouts in check over the holiday season

1/ Invest in a personal trainer or group training. Having a coach enables you to push further, trainer more effectively and experience better results. There are also many cost-effective ways to invest in training such as gathering friends together for small group training.

2/ If you need to get a gym membership, now is the time. You can often find gym deals prior to the start of the new year. also, ensure you are realistic. If you goal is to workout five days per week starting in January, a practical goal to begin with would be two or three days each week in December.

3/ Attend parties on a full stomach. After the party, you’ll be thankful you didn’t replace those calories you burned off in your workout.

4/ Excuse-proof your fitness plan. Keep a stocked gym bag in your car or at the office at all times. You’ll reduce your chances of skipping your workout by eliminating that old “I’m not prepared” defense.

5/ Buddy up. Research shows that being accountable and having support significantly increases your potential and rate of success. Find a partner to train with and commit to the journey together.

6/ Add your workouts to a calendar and stay accountable!