Jumpstart June with YMCA Healthy Kids Day!

YMCA Healthy Kids Day 2013

YMCA Healthy Kids Day 2013

Sunday June 2nd will be the YMCA annual and national event called Healthy Kids Day. All across Canada, associations will be celebrating an active lifestyle, for all families and especially…. Kids!

What a better way to spend a Sunday than diving into exciting activities such as outdoor games, nutritional activities, dance performances, wii games, arts & crafts, and even some sneak peaks into some of the wonderful classes at each local YMCA Calgary branch. The event is a drop-in come as you like day, starting at 10am and wrapping up by 1pm. So be sure to make the most of it!

**Check out your local branch for the Healthy Kids Day Schedule, as each location will have a unique set of events

Hope to see you out!