Juice or pop – which has more sugar?

True or False – Concentrated fruit juice has less sugar, therefore is a better choice, over a can of pop?
False – in most instances, concentrated fruit juice has as much or more sugar than a can of pop. Much of the fiber from the original fruit is removed from the liquid when making juice, leaving only water and sugar. Although these are natural sugars where the sugar in a can of pop is processed, there is still a great debate on sugar is sugar.
12 ounces of >>>>>>> Coca-Cola Orange Juice Apple Juice Cherry Juice Grape Juice
Total carbohydrates 40 g 39 g 42 g 49.5 g 60 g
Carbs from sugar 40 g 33 g 39 g 37.5 g 58.5 g
Sugar (teaspoons) 10 tsp 8 tsp 10 tsp 9 tsp 15 tsp
Calories 145 165 165 210 240

Your better choice is a piece of fruit, where you get the natual sugars along with the fiber, and a glass of water!