Join us for the Y-Eco Challenge!

It’s YMCA Peace Week across Canada!

YMCA Calgary staff are participating in the Y-Eco Challenge this week to learn and build awareness about the environment and sustainability.

For the next 5 days (Nov 18th-22nd) YMCA staff and volunteers will be demonstrating their best environmental practices! While the environment and sustainability can be serious topics, this challenge is designed to be lighthearted; there’s a whole lot of fun to be had!

We encourage all of you and your families to take part in the Y-Eco Challenge.

It’s really simple and easy, there are categories which convert to daily points. For example under the category ‘Reusable Food/Beverage Containers’ 1 point would be gained for bringing your lunch/snacks in containers that are reusable rather than in plastic bags or saran-wrap. Another point would be gained for reusing your drinks bottle/coffee mug for refills.

The Y-Eco Challenge is a great way to teach children about the importance of recycling while having fun and a little friendly competition.

Download the Y Eco-Challenge Personal Tracking Sheet to learn more.