January resolutions

Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution? You know the kind…..lose weight, start exercising, stop doing this or that. How well do those resolutions actually work? If you come to a fitness facility in January you are in the company of many folks who have excellent intentions of getting leaner, stronger, fitter. The challenge with this is that we can venture into “all or nothing” thinking.

This kind of thinking sets us up for failure as nobody can have ideal health habits 100% of the time. It’s okay to have a treat sometimes! The key is how often – honestly – that you have that treat. If you indulge in a cookie (or three) on Monday, a mocha coffee on Tuesday, fries with your sandwich on Wednesday and so on, those treats can add up in a negative way. If, however, you allow yourself something that is a fun splurge two or three times a week, that is healthy and allows you to feel like you’re not missing out all the time.

Nutrition habits are just that: habits. Try to do one thing at a time and allow a week or two to let it settle and feel like you have it down. Then adding another habit can feel both comfortable and even, gasp, exciting. May 2013 bring many new healthy habits to you!