It’s snow joke – winter exercise is fun!

MOST Canadians know snow-shovelling is another never-ending chore to add to the list once winter is upon us. But did you also know you can burn 200 calories or more just clearing your drive for 30minutes?

And the good news does not stop there – walking on packed snow can increase your calorie burn by 60 per cent, according to exercise specialists, and walking in soft snow can increase the burn three-fold.

Turn the disruption and inconvenience of wintry weather to your advantage and feel the burn!  In fact, just being outside will make your body work harder at keeping warm, which, in turn, will expend more calories.

And an added bonus, all those winter activities you enjoy burn through calories too. Half an hour spent skiing, snowboarding, snow shoeing or sledding at a high intensity will burn anywhere between 200 and 300 calories.

So while Calgary basks in the warmth of a Chinook wind, be ready to hot up your exercise routine when winter returns. If exercising outdoors take care to wear the right kind of clothing which will allow your skin to breathe rather than overheating as soon as you start to warm up. Be sure to wear an absorbent and fast-drying material which will take the sweat away from your skin without leaving you shivering in damp clothes.

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