Is it Wrong for Children to Fear Their Parents?

This one might stir up some controversy… Is it wrong for children to fear their parents? In an article on the Fisher-Price website, writer Kenneth N. Condrell (Ph.D Child Psychologist) explores the issue of disappointing parents & self–to the point that the idea of doing so becomes an actual fear.

“I used to think it was wrong for children to be afraid of their parents. But after giving talks to thousands of parents, I learned that most people grew up having some fear of their parents, and I began to re-think this issue. I do think it is wrong for children to grow up fearing that their parents will hit them or harm them or verbally abuse them if they do something wrong. But many of the parents I have talked to who grew up fearing their own parents didn’t fear being hurt or harmed or abused. They feared letting their parents down. They feared disappointing their parents.”

Read the full article on the Fisher-Price website and then post your comments here. It would be good to hear what you think of this article, topic and have some discussion.