Tai Chi Offers a Wealth of Benefits for Mind & Body

On Saturdays beginning January 11, Saddletowne YMCA will be offering registered Tai Chi classes from 11-12:30.

The instructor will teach 24-form, 48-form & Tai Chi Sword, Dong-Moon Tai Chi. Dong Moon 24-forms & 48-forms have a similar sequence to Chinese Yang style Tai Chi, however the styles differ in the more detailed skills.

Some of the benefits you can expect from Tai Chi are:

  1. Stronger lower body and increased upper body flexibility which helps to maintain function & independence, improve balance and prevent falls or injuries resulting from falls.
  2. Cleansing of internal organs through various actions that stimulate and strengthen the core thus improving digestion and assisting the body to purge toxins and fatty elements.
  3. Stabilized metabolism and improved circulation which helps to protect against or improve various cardiovascular diseases.
  4. Stress reduction, improved memory and concentration and a sense of calm and well-being through brain engaging activities.

As Tai Chi is an art that requires practice and progression through various skills that build upon each other, it is important to register early and practice regularly.

Sign up for a class today!

Saturdays | 11:00-12:30pm
Starting January 11
Barcode: 87289
M$99 NM$149 (11 classes)

To register call 403-237-2393 or visit ymcacalgary.org for more information and our full course listings.