Inn from the Cold: Children’s Birthday Miracle Christmas Event

A group of 14 youth from YMAP northeast dedicated their time to make bracelets for the Children’s Birthday Miracle event at the Inn from the Cold. The Inn from the Cold is a transitional housing shelter for families who are in need. I was amazed to see the support and creativity from the youth. The youth were very creative when it came to making the bracelets, as some of the youth used colors that represented their country.

A couple of students were also given the opportunity to volunteer at the Children’s Birthday Miracle event, which was a birthday party for the children born in the month of December and also a Christmas party for the families at the Inn from the Cold. The students were able to teach the children and youth how to create friendship bracelets and were given the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with the families at the shelter. I believe this experience positively impacted the youth who participated in creating the bracelets, as well as those who volunteered at the event. Many of the youth were unaware of the fact that youth their age were homeless. The youth enjoyed making a difference in the lives of the children and youth living at the shelter. After the event the volunteers were eager to continue to volunteer for programs offered by the Inn from the Cold.