I Know I Should, but…

Here’s an article on the Time Healthland website about taking action for positive change in your life / getting unstuck from your rut (and sometimes those changes can be life-saving):

“There’s a deep-freeze of sorts for all good intentions — a place that you store your plans to make changes in your life when you know you’re not going to make them at all. There’s no way of knowing for sure which of your plans are destined for cryo-preservation, but when you utter the words “I know I should,” it’s a pretty good bet that you’ve found one. “I know I should lose weight” too often means you won’t. “I know I should quit smoking” is what you say right before you light up. “I know I should work out more or leave a bad marriage or get out of this lousy job,” are far too often followed by the word, “but.” …

And that’s generally the end of it.”

Click here to read the full article by Jeffrey Kluger on the Time Healthland website.

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