Hybrid Vehicles: Is It for You?

Did you know YMCA Calgary has a Green team? The YMCA Calgary Green Team works hard to ensure our organization is doing its part to ensure the longevity of our planet. YMCA Calgary provides a Green tip each month in our YMCA Today electronic newletter (you can sign up to receive the newsletter on the bottom right corner on any page of the www.ymcacalgary.org website).

This month’s tip is about choosing a hybrid vehicle. National Geographic provides a great article about going about selecting one of these types of vehicles:

“Hybrid automobiles use both an internal-combustion engine and electrical power to drive the vehicle and can be built around one of several architectures. When selecting a hybrid vehicle, it’s important to consider the kind of performance and efficiency characteristics you seek and how much of a hybrid ‘price premium’ you’re willing to tolerate. In addition, weigh issues of reliability and safety as objectively with hybrid vehicles as with any other type of car.”

Click here to read the full article on the National Geographic website. Some other websites with useful information on choosing a hybrid vehicle are:

  • GreenCar.com has loads of info about hybrid vehicles.
  • CNet.com reviews a whole spectrum of hybrid vehicles.
  • HybridCar.com includes a mileage calculator and explains some of the technology of hybrid vehicles.
  • FuelEconomy.org is from the US Department of Energy for fuel economy information.