Howard Miller Inspires

There are many people whose lives YMCA Calgary has touched. Some great stories exist on why people first became part of YMCA and then have chosen to remain part of our organization for years on.

Howard Miller and Helene Weir, YMCA President & CEO

Just recently YMCA held our annual Ambassador Club Member Dinner, recognizing members who have been part of the YMCA family for a substantial number of years. All members are invited to take part in this event.

One particularly special person who is part of YMCA Calgary is Howard Miller, the longest serving YMCA member at 82 years of continuous membership. Howard is 98 years young and in the past he had also been a volunteer for the YMCA in both Winnipeg and Calgary.

One of Howard’s proudest YMCA experiences is chairing the YMCA Canada committee that paved the way for women to be members of the YMCA. Howard was unable to attend the recent YMCA Ambassador Club Member Dinner but we wish him all the best.