Hot Fun in the Summer Time

by: Dalyce Eykelbosh, PFT, CPT, FNM

 As school lets out for another glorious Alberta summer, we at the YMCA know that we’re temporarily losing some of you to parenting over the two most beautiful months of the year.  Keeping fit and active in the summer time doesn’t have to be another chore on the to-do list; it can be fun and interactive for you and your kids!

Incorporating fitness into your daily routine at home can be a great way to reduce the inevitable “I’m bored” and “I have nothing-to-do’s” that will be headed your way all while keeping up your fitness routine, making September a little less painful for you when the kids go back to school.

Healthy Habits Start at Home

Begin the day with a healthy and balanced breakfast.  Involve the kids in the planning process and pack a healthy picnic lunch together, following the guidelines outlined in Canada’s Food Guide for Healthy Eating.  Recently revised, it now breaks down the serving sizes for different age groups and genders to ensure it’s easy to follow and understand.  Get the bikes, wagon, or stroller out, and head out to a community park or green area to enjoy your lunch and the sunshine.

 Make a Game of It

Pack a back-pack full of active activities, like a butterfly net, hopscotch chalk, Frisbee, kit, or a soccer ball.  Make up fun and silly rules like every time someone scores a goal, everyone else has to do jumping jacks, hop like a kangaroo, or do their best impression of a monkey climbing a tree. 


Heading to the pool? Hop in!  While you’re playing with the kids, work in some fun aqua-size moves.  Treading water instead of standing, push/pull movements with your arms and legs etc… will increase the intensity for yourself while the kids are playing.  If your children are older, or more experienced swimmers, try making up a game.  Keep a ball above water throwing it to one another, or catch and throw with the same arm while treading deeper water.  Throw rings to the bottom and have contests as to who can collect the most.

 Get Involved

Climb on the monkey bars, race them up that big hill, play tag with your kids instead of watching them or checking that smart-phone!  Kids don’t always do what they’re told, but they will emulate what they see.  You are the best example for ensuring that they keep active.

Summer is a great time to reconnect with your kids.  If you keep it fun and active, it’ll fly by in a flash.   Remember that September is only a few months away and keeping that fitness level current will make a big difference when getting back into your normal routine once the kids are back in school.  Don’t forget the sunscreen, and have fun out there!