Helping Your Family Be Internet Safe

woman and girl with computer

The internet can be both a great place full of ideas, resources and fun, and a negative place with images, videos and people that may frighten or hurt your children.

As parents, it can be intimidating to try and navigate how to protect your kids and teach them how to be wise and safe on the internet.

We’ve found some helpful tips for you and your family to use to make sure your interactions with the online world are safe and balanced.

Some tops tips are:

  • Set time limits for internet use
  • Check out and explore the websites your kids want to use or are using
  • Set boundaries for which websites your kids can use
  • Talk to children about not sharing any personal information online
  • Keep computer and internet use in common areas of the home
  • Supervise younger children while they use the internet and talk about internet use in a non-threatening way with teens

Overall, teaching your children how to be safe on the internet is about keep the communications lines open. Talk them about the internet, about the things they like on it, and let them know they can and should talk to you if they see or experience something online that makes them feel strange, scared, or unsure.


Some great internet-use resources are:

5 Rules to Keep Your Children’s Internet Use Healthy

Internet Savvy Training from the Government of Alberta