Have You Thought About Taking Your Work-out Outside?

Contributed by Cathi Molson, Fitness Director at Saddletowne YMCA.

Join Our YMCA Outdoor Bootcamp!

Outdoor Boot Camp is a popular method of fitness training in a natural open air environment. It is a great way to build strength and endurance, enhance fat burning and relieve stress.

Boot camps are an efficient fun way of achieving overall health, designed for all fitness levels, modifications for the first timer are readily available. Whatever level of athlete, you will be personally challenged by the terrain and natural surroundings. The hour long session consists of mostly interval training using a mixture of walking ,running and sprinting. Plyometrics such as squats, jump squats and lunges are a big favorite! All this with a mixture of balancing and core exercises to even out the workout.

Parking lot lines, Trees, bleachers, benches, sidewalks and curbs are all useful tools; no need to bring equipment with you. Whether you are in a field, on a hill, or on a set of stairs you can run, hop, squat, jump, speed skate and much more.

You will be guaranteed to turn an everyday workout into a fun, energizing experience that you will get to share with others, feel that sense of accomplishment that you will talk about for days!

Contact Member Services at your YMCA Calgary location for times and dates.