Global Dignity Day 2013

Have you ever heard of Global Dignity Day? To be honest with you, many of us had not! However, last week YMCA programs set out to discover a bit more about what Global Dignity really means, and how it is applicable to our lives in Canada.

As a national partner of Global Dignity Canada, YMCA Calgary joined Canadians on October 16th in celebrating the universal right for ever person to lead a dignified life. Global Dignity Day aligns with YMCA values, with Peace week, and with our work in strengthening communities.

Using activities designed by youth volunteers with the YMCA International Committee, several YMCA staff chose to spend the day discussing and educating on the concept of dignity with children and youth in their programs. Particiapnts learned not only the meaning of dignity, but also how they can encourage dignity in their own communities.

Thank you to YMCA staff who participated in Global Dignity Day, and we look forward to seeing what you come up with for “theme days” in the future! To learn more about YMCA Global Initiatives, please visit

Learning about Global Dignity