Give your time to the Y and reap the rewards

Attending the YMCA Calgary volunteering award as a winner, I felt truly humbled to be counted among some of the unsung heroes who give their time and their expertise so freely.

It was quite a surprise to learn I had been recognized, a feeling my fellow award winners shared. Each of the award winners told their inspiring story about what they do for the YMCA and why they decided to sign up. And it struck me that while all of the winners had set out to help in their community and give back, they all confessed to getting much more from their volunteering. It helped them as much as they helped others.

One winner summed it up perfectly, volunteering shouldn’t be an extra curricular activity it should be an obligation. And after hearing how those who give up their time have benefitted personally, why wouldn’t you?

There are so many opportunities to get involved in your community it’s easy to find something which fits into your life. None more so than at the Y, where people of all ages with all kinds of skills are welcome to pitch in. You don’t have to be a keep-fit fanatic or sports coach, there’s more to the Y than just what goes on in the gym.

If you would like to know more about how you can help out by volunteering at the Y and give something back, click here.