6 Ways to Make a Family Walk FUN


It’s great for your health.

It’s great for the environment.

It’s great for your family.

Going for a family walk on a Saturday afternoon or on a weeknight after dinner is a great way to secure focused family time. It’s a space to unplug from technology, focus on each other and explore your neighbourhood or even other parts of the city.

6 Ways to Make a Walk Fun

                1 – Races! Who can get to that mailbox first?

                2 – Make up stories about what you see.

                3 – Talk about your day, ask and answer questions about what you see around you.

                4 – How many different ways can you walk?

                5 – Take a picnic with you and search for the perfect picnic spot.

                6 – Pass a Frisbee or ball back and forth as you walk (just not near the street, to be safe)

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