From dancing at the Olympics to running around the world, meet Calgary YMCA’s chief financial officer!

Volunteer blogger Beka Sharrock has been getting to know some of personalities who make up the senior leadership team at Calgary YMCA, finding out what drives them to work for the YMCA and the person behind the job title….

Name: Sabina Lokanc

Job title: Chief Financial Officer

Job description: As my job title suggests I oversee the financial management of the organization, by overseeing  the budget process,  monthly financial statement review and analysis, , and managing capital and cash flow. I also prepare the year end financial statements and manage the financial audit. I head up our IT department, managing our current systems and processes, implementing new ones and overseeing the controls set in place to govern these.

Background: I am a Chartered Accountant. I worked for two public accounting firms, KPMG and Deloitte before taking this position at the Y. This job complements my diverse background as I was a licensed dietitian and worked as a Public Health Nutritionist before returning to school to study business. The Y is a perfect bridging and joining of my backgrounds – health and finance.

The most important part of my job is: fiscal responsibility and accountability. We have various stakeholders including our partners, Board of Directors, donors, members and users of our facilities and programs.

The most challenging part of my job is: managing the priorities and getting information in a timely manner so we can assess how we are doing. It’s challenging to not manage ‘in a bubble’.

The best part of my job is: being part of an organization that does great work and contributes  so much for the good of the community. For me, in terms of what I myself like the most, it is knowing that we are making a difference and working and collaborating with individuals throughout the organization and beyond who believe in our mission.

The best piece of advice I have been given: ‘have passion in the work that you do because then it will never really feel like work’.

Not a lot of people know that: I danced at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary. I performed with my brother and sister as part of the opening ceremony, dancing an ethnic Slovenian dance, which is my heritage.

If I wasn’t working at the Y I would be: travelling! I like to run marathons and I would love to run around the world. New York, London, Rome, Boston and Prague are on my bucket list.

My weakness is: chocolate!

Five words to describe me: First, I need my coffee…

What the Y means to me: a sense of community and belonging.