Free YMCA Access for Residents of Effected Power Outage Area

As of 1pm on Sunday October 12, anybody with a residential address within the effected power outage area will be allowed free drop-in access to the Eau Claire YMCA until the power is fully restored Downtown. This will include access to showers, and all program areas.


  • The map of the effected area can be found here:
  • Photo ID (for over 16) is required for access
  • For free access, individuals must provide proof of residence from with the green “power outage” zone on the map above. All others will be required to pay regular drop-in fee.
  • Access is to the General Locker Room change area, towels are not provided.
  • This applies to the Eau Claire YMCA only.
  • As the City adjusts the map when areas of power are reconnected, we will use the most up to date information from
  • This is not an Evacuation Centre, or a place to sleep. We are simply providing support to our Downtown community.

Any questions: please contact Eau Claire YMCA at 403-269-6701 and our staff will be happy to assist you.