Flash-MOB for Community Spirit/Global Unity

Guest blogger Toth Agnes tells about an upcoming Flash MOB event in Calgary to promote community spirit and global unity:

Flash-MOB event in Calgary, in about one month! Dance promotes community spirit, global unity!

There is an international movement out there, a unity of students, who believe, through art and artistic projects, we can build stronger communities, promote community projects, sort of a Pay it forward movement, that involves numerous projects, this one, happens to be one of them.

Over on this side, the message is cultural diversity and friendship. The video shot of the event will promote community spirit and unity overseas, in a struggling country due to economic crisis and political instability.

I am one of the leaders of a community overseas, bringing the movement here, to Calgary, where I grew up. Projects include flash-mobs, community poetry events, galleries, festivals, and so on. The Hungarian Cultural Association of Calgary and the Edmontom team are co-organizers of the event, the routine will be combined with modern and western country dance, and everyone is welcome to join in on the fun. The message is strong, of cultural diversity, friendship, unity, art, so it is quite complex.

We have sponsors to help us out with expenses, film crew, local media will be on site as well, and we are hoping to make this an event to remember. Our goal is to combine art with community, a peaceful way to pass on a meaningful message, in such hard times.

Live rehearsals are held every Tuesday night at the Hungarian Club, I hold private rehearsals upon request, and video is available as well, that will be open to the public through YouTube.

The event site is still under negotiation, we have to go by strict regulations regarding permit for public event, so, that will be finalized at the end of recruitment, which is in about 2 weeks time at most. Hope you like the idea, hope to have you join this event, and thank you for your interest!

Video file is available for home practice, to request and to sign up for the event, write to flashmobcalgary2012@gmail.com! All ages welcome! Please pass on!