Fitting in Exercise

When the calendar page flips over to December, it often becomes clear that the little white slots aren’t looking too open! Families contend with many concerts, games, parties, activities and events that are out of the norm and certainly put a dent in any “free” time they have.

The busy season is no reason to put one’s exercise program aside. Although January is a very busy time for fitness facilities, why not get a jump start on healthy choices by continuing to work out in December? There is no rule that says it has to be a full hour; if you’re short on time then a shorter workout may be in order.

One of the hottest things in fitness right now is metabolic training. It is a short, challenging and effective workout that will take you from walking in the front door and walking back out again in half an hour. The key with this protocol is that the work phase is, indeed, HARD. Following a warm up of five to ten minutes is a set of intervals. They can be one minute on, one minute rest or can use other timing options. The important thing is that the work phase is an all out-hard as you can-earn your rest effort!

When deciding what to fit into your busy December, don’t forget that fitness can fit into your schedule. Just set aside that short period of time and then work hard!