Fitness During the Holidays

December is fast approaching and people are starting to get ready for the holidays. In December and January people often go to very different extremes with their exercise programs and nutrition habits. In December many people “slack off” on their workouts and eat whatever they want over the holiday season. In January people those same people are determined to get back in shape, stick with their diet and continue to exercise regularly 2-3 times per week.

If you are a regular exerciser currently, remember that completely falling off the wagon by not exercising and throwing your current diet out the window over the holidays can destroy several months of hard training. The less you slack off the less amount of time it will take to get you back to your pre holiday shape. Even if you reduce the number of days or the duration you spend in the gym to workout, getting there will help you maintain the habit of exercise and you will be able to stay in good health and not lose everything you worked so hard for all year.

If you are not a regular exercise and you thinking about making that New Year’s resolution to start an exercise plan, thinking about starting now. In January there are going to be many new members at fitness clubs that want to start a program. If you want to get a head of the crowd sign up to the gym now, before everyone else does. The holiday season is actually a great time to start a fitness program because gyms are usually quiet so you can establish a routine without being overwhelmed by  the New Year ‘s crowed, and it is easier to get in to see a Personal Trainer or Wellness Coach because their schedules usually open up over the holidays.

When it comes to your diet there is no need to overindulge over the holidays but there is no need to not have fun either. It is fine to have that treats now and again but don’t go overboard. Treat your body like a high end sports car and only put the best fuel in your body. If you are looking at making some serous gains in your fitness levels, proper nutrition is key, eat for performance not for pleasure.