Family: They Are There For You

Written by Social Media Youth Volunteer, Sheriza Jiwani.


One word that can mean a lot to someone. They are there for you through thick and thin, that is, if you have a close relationship with them. To me, keeping a close relationship with my family, whether it be my parents, my siblings or way out to my second cousins, is important because they will be in my life forever. Friends come and go, but family is with you forever. Your family was with you at the beginning, when you were most vulnerable, as a baby and they will also be there for you as you grow older. There’s a saying; “Blood is Thicker than Water” which means that your family will stick around for you, but friends and acquaintances might not.

Scientists suspect that more family interaction can increase your lifespan. Dr. Vern Bengston, a professor of genealogy and sociology at the University of Southern California has said “We have seen evidence that an increased degree of positive contact with family can add years to your life. We have strong reason to believe that people with active children and grandchildren relationships live longer.”
Along with that, strong relationships can make you more successful in life. Dr. Bengston also said that family relationships are important to the well-being and support throughout one’s life. Family can be incredibly beneficial in an individual’s life. They can make a difference.