Fall Back into Shape

When the weather turns iffy, getting to the gym can help you stay on track with your workouts, especially if you get involved in a variety of activities. Avoid doing the same machines each time you go, but take advantage of all the activities in your facility–swimming, fitness classes, personal trainers, machines, weight loss programs, etc. The more variety you have, the easier it will be to stick to your program. Even if you gravitate to certain cardio machines, you can always change things up with interval training by adding bursts of HIGH INTENSITY every few minutes to blast more fat and calories resulting in a fitter body and happy healthy mind.

Making fitness stick is all about momentum (among other things), so if you’re a beginner, start with about 3 days a week. Do more if you can, but always start where you are, rather than where you want to be. Ease your body and your mind into your new exercise schedule to minimize the fallout and add on as you get settled in. Always set realistic goals that you can attain and then add-on from there once you have accomplished and mastered your first activities.

Tips to Get Started:

  1. Go with a friend that loves their club so you have a feeling of belonging right away
  2. Sign up for a free orientation of YMCA to build confidence and knowledge
  3. Stop putting things off and decide today to do it
  4. Be open to everything and attached to nothing (try new things)
  5. Choose results not excuses and you will always be successful

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