Exercise & Teens: Surprising Facts

By now, most of us have heard staggering facts about the levels of high weight and lack of exercise/movement in young people today. There are some facts out there though that still take us off guard.

Here’s an article on the Family Education website that reveals some new facts that still catch us off guard and provides suggestions for moving forward in a positive, healthy light:

“Every time our teens sprawl in front of the TV, their metabolism slows to a crawl. Researchers at Memphis State University and the University of Tennessee explored the link several years ago and were startled to find that kids’ metabolisms were lower while they were watching television than when they were resting and doing nothing at all! The typical teen now spends almost 30 hours a week in front of the tube, while eating high-fat snacks.”

Read the full article by on the Family Education website. Maybe you will have a chance to read thru other parts of the website – it’s a good one!