Evidence for Relative Age Effect?

Have you heard of the Relative Age Effect (RAE) theory? At it’s essence, the RAE claims people born towards the beginning of the year (January – April) excel in sports and other areas in life.

In an article on the Mom’s Team website, writer Ben Gibbs, looks at RAE and whether or not it can simply be true.

“Much has been made of the relative age effect (RAE) – that birth month is destiny for sports achievement – but the evidence is far from conclusive. It is true that some sports team rosters across the globe have a lot of players born in the first few months of the year, but my colleagues and I have found that there is more to this phenomenon than originally understood.

To start, let me explain how I got interested in this topic. Although I study the long-term impact of early childhood inequality, I got involved with this specific topic by accident. As a sociology professor, I find that…”

Read the article in full on the Mom’s Team website.