Europe Festival Opportunity

YMCA Europe Festival

Two YMCA Calgary youth aged 17-25 will have the opportunity this summer to fly to Europe and participate in the YMCA Europe Festival, August 4-10 in Prague, Czech Republic. 

What is the Festival?

YMCA Europe Festival 2013 in Prague is a week-long international event that will bring together thousands of young people from YMCAs across Europe and all around the world.  For more information about YMCA Europe Festival 2013, visit  

Specific mandates for delegates include…

  • Represent YMCA Calgary as a courteous and professional guest;
  • Help with pre- and post-trip tasks for the delegation (meetings, team-building, fundraisers, trip preparations, training, and awareness-building presentations).
  • Expanding your perspective of the global YMCA movement and be willing to share with YMCA Calgary upon your return. 

To apply, you must…

  • Be an active YMCA Calgary member, program participant, staff, or volunteer aged 17-25
  • Make a firm commitment to plan and attend fundraising activities, attend regular team meetings, travel to Europe for 12-14 days this summer, and share your experiences with YMCA Calgary afterwards;
  • Have (or be willing to immediately obtain) a current, valid passport;
  • Purchase Emergency Travel insurance (included with YMCA Calgary benefits for full-time staff).  

Criteria that will be used in selecting participants are:

  • Understanding and demonstrated practice of the YMCA core values.  You will act as an ambassador for YMCA Calgary in Europe
  • Strong Interpersonal skills.  You will be expected to build lasting relationships with other festival delegates
  • Proven interest in global issues and/or the International YMCA movement
  • Additional skills, certifications, or talents.  For example, language skills, cross-cultural experience, etc.
  • Team dynamics. The selection process will consider not simply individual strengths, but also diversity and balance within the delegation team (including age, experience, gender, etc.) 

Financial considerations:

  • Festival registration, basic meals, and lodging will be paid by YMCA Calgary.
  • Flights to Europe, including all taxes & insurance, are expected to total around $2400.  The delegation will have the opportunity to fundraise as a group towards these costs; however, these costs are not covered by YMCA Calgary and are therefore the responsibility of the participants.
  • Spending money and costs associated with passports & immunizations are the responsibility of each participant.
  • Delegates are responsible for ensuring they have enough time off for the Festival. Staff are expected to use vacation time if they are chosen to go.  

To Apply, please submit the following 4 documents by November 15, 2012:

  1. Cover letter (1-2 pages) expressing…
    °  Why you feel you are a suitable candidate (please address the criteria listed above, providing specific examples where relevant).
    °  How others in your YMCA and your community may benefit if you are chosen.
  2. Resume which includes work, volunteer, leadership, school and/or travel experience, as well as address and phone number
  3. An email or letter of support from your direct supervisor at YMCA Calgary (if applicable)
  4. References – contact information for two additional people who can speak about your qualifications 

Short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.  Part of the interview process will include confirmation that you are within the age requirements as outlined above.  Selections will be completed with the assistance of a selection committee. Candidates will be informed by November 30th

For more information or to apply contact: 

Jason Lidberg
Assistant General Manager Community Branch
(403) 537-1716  |