Eau Claire Wifi changes for the better

I am pleased to announce that YMCA Eau Claire has the new Shaw EXO WiFi . This provides excellent WiFi coverage of most of Eau Claire YMCA and at high speeds. It is intended for use by any staff, members or visitors – but to access it you need a Shaw email address. 

To access it, search for the WiFi on your phone / tablet / device. Choose “Shaw Open”.
Connect, and you will be taken to a webpage to input your Shaw email address – you are then good to go.

This registration process only needs to be done once, and will also then give you access at all other Shaw EXO WiFi locations (lots across Calgary – and Crowfoot YMCA will hopefully be online too).

For full details, and other locations go here http://www.shaw.ca/Internet/WiFi/

We will continue to provide our own free WiFi at Eau Claire for use by Members, but the above system may take a little pressure off it.