Eating Healthy with the White House Chef

Check out this post on the Time Healthland website interviewing the chef at the White House and intitiatives he is working on with the First Lady to improve childhood obesity:

“As the assistant chef and the senior policy adviser for healthy-food initiatives at the White House, Sam Kass knows how to fill a plate to the First Lady’s approval. Recently, we caught up with Kass at Google’s annual Think Health summit, where he spoke to health care leaders and innovators about his work with Michelle Obama on her Let’s Move initiative to curb childhood obesity. So far, Kass said, the campaign has overhauled school lunches, replaced the government’s food pyramid with the more consumer-friendly MyPlate, and encouraged pediatricians to write prescriptions for more fruits and veggies. “Yet we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible,” he said.”

Click here to read the full article by Alexandra Sifferlin on the Time Healthland website.

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