Don’t Let Your Health Vanish into the Smoke

My name is Chad Baird and I am an ex-smoker. Usually the suffix ‘ex’ is associated with negativity. For example, the terms ex-boyfriend, ex-landlord and ex-wife. However, to be an ex-smoker is an occurrence that I believe to be the most positive thing I have ever and will ever experience.

Even though the health risks associated with smoking are prominently advertised, thousands upon thousands of people still do it. Furthermore, young people continue to smoke without fully understanding the dangers they are exposing themselves to. There is not a high school in North America that one can go to where there will not be a rebellious, group of smokers standing somewhere just off campus smoking away without a care in the world. I have yet to pass a school in Calgary around lunchtime without witnessing this scene time and time again.

It honestly breaks my heart and I assure you that I feel a weight on my soul as I write this to you. I know the road that they will go down and it is not a road I suggest to anyone. I woke up sick every single morning for six years because I poisoned myself the day before. My health slid and my fitness level plummeted. I coughed constantly. I became permanently irritable and I felt generally horrible all of the time.

When I finally made the decision to quit smoking, I felt like a superhero. This is not a figure of speech. I literally felt like I had superpowers. After just a few weeks of quitting smoking, I could run faster, exercise longer, lift more and enjoy my work out instead of coughing through it. It is a truly enlightening moment when you take a deep breath and don’t feel a gurgling pain inside yourself for the first time in years. Every ex-smoker will know exactly what I mean.

You cannot pursue a life of health and smoke at the same time. It is 100% impossible. You will never reach your full potential behind a smoke screen. I promise that the moment you quit, you will feel the superpowers just as I did. Your life literally turns 180 degrees for the better.

The book, “Allen Carr’s: The Easy Way to Stop Smoking Canadian Edition” helped me. It is available at bookstores Canada-wide and online at for about $10 – $12 (ironically about the price of a pack of cigarettes). Get this book for yourself, your parents, your friends, your kids. Please listen to my following words because they are of utmost importance.

This book saved my life.

Win the battle against your demons and become the smokeless superhero you were meant to be.


Written by Chad Baird | BCMM Public Relations Student | Mount Royal University

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