Donating Her Birthday Money So Kids Can Go To Camp Riveredge

Meet Maggie!

Maggie is an amazing 8-year-old who just recently did something extraordinary. Maggie has an incredible imagination and spends her time dreaming up ways to make our community a better place or even just a little more fun. It was this passion that lead her to forego the usual birthday party traditions and throw a 50/50 party. For her 8th birthday she asked everyone to donate a small monetary gift whereby half would go to a present for her and the remaining would be donated to our Strong Kids Campaign. The response was overwhelming and Maggie raised enough money to send one child to Camp Riveredge, even kicking in a little extra herself to do so.


In her words, “Riveredge is the best camp ever and I want all kids to be able to go even if they can’t afford it. So that’s why I am donating my birthday money to YMCA Calgary to help send 1 kid to this amazing camp”


With generations of family history at the YMCA it is no surprise that Maggie has been a part of the YMCA since birth. With her parents, she has even volunteered at Camp Chief Hector. It was though this experience that Maggie gained an appreciation and understanding for our Strong Kids Campaign, seeing firsthand how much joy can come from helping kids go to camp.


While she valued her experience at Camp Chief Hector immensely, Maggie’s true love is Camp Riveredge. Struggling with anxiety herself, the ability to enjoy the outdoors and the magic of camp while still returning home every night has meant the world to her.


Thank you so much Maggie for your generosity and your incredible gift to another child who otherwise would not be able to afford a camp experience!

Did you know you can now make gifts in honour, memory or celebration of someone on our website? Donate today and join Maggie in her dream of making our community a better place.