Do You Even Lift, Bro? – Lesson Five

Lesson Five: Don’t be fresh from the Febreze factory

When a person is lifting weights there is a short period of time in between sets where it is good to take quick breather to rejuvenate your muscles. However, there are many who abuse this time and decide to turn a quick breather (30 seconds – 1 minute) into a time of shameless sloth and lounging. I speak of the people who sit on a bench for 5+ minutes just cruising on their iPod or talking with friends. Working out with friends can definitely be beneficial, especially for spotting and motivation but I want to see people enjoy themselves at the gym, but also be effective weight lifters as well.

A great way to burn more calories and get more from your workout is to simply speed up. Don’t speed up your reps as that will result in lower muscle development and a higher chance of injury. Instead, speed up the time in between sets. Give yourself enough time to recover from a set, but then hop right back into the swing of things. If you are working out with a partner, the time that the other person takes to finish one set is more than enough for your recovery time. Stay focused and keep hammering the weights.

At the end of your workout, if your muscles are not tender and your shirt looks and smells like you just purchased it fresh from the Febreze factory, you are doing something wrong. If there is not a bead of sweat on you and you don’t even consider a long, hot shower before your next class or meeting, you are doing something wrong.

Under Armour runs a beautiful campaign surrounding the phrase “Sweat every day”. This campaign involves striking visual images of men and women pouring their heart into their various workouts. The intensity shown in these commercials is what I always strive for. There is something euphoric about being in the gym, pouring sweat, music blasting and knowing that you have given everything you have. On a physical and mental level, there is a peace that is found.

Make the most of your gym experience and truly put in the work. You will get out what you put in – that is a promise.

See you on the weight floor.

Written by Chad Baird | BCMM Public Relations Student | Mount Royal University

Stay tuned in January for, “Don’t let our health vanish into the smoke”

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