Do you Even Lift, Bro? – Lesson Four

Lesson Four: Rockin’ Slippers and a Coffee Mug in the Squat Rack

Some days you don’t get enough sleep. Some days the coffee is simply not strong enough. Some days your alarm clock awakes you with a devious smile spread across its digital face. I get it. Everybody gets it because we have all been there.

In the midst of the morning haze the last thing on your mind is the gym! Ugh! What a thought! How could I possibly run and jump and lift weights and do anything but lay in my bed at this current time! Then there is the spark. I have experienced the spark many times as I tuck myself in to have a lovely nap. Right as you start drifting off to the land of blissful laziness the thought rips you out of bed like a drill sergeant. “What are you doing soldier! This is no time for naps! According to my watch, it is time MOVE, MOVE, MOOVVVEEE! GET TO THE GYM SOLDIER!”

Fueled by adrenaline, you punch the gas of your vehicle or ride the bus with twinkling eyes and a fire in your heart. As you reach the gym, you jog in, scan your id badge and feel like flopping right down on the desk and doing 30 push-ups just to show the staff that this is your time! YOUR TIME! You load up the bench press with 350 pounds even though you only weigh 137, look at it ready to conquer the heft, only to realize you haven’t bench pressed in six and a half years and you are too elite to make poor decisions this morning. No worries! You move to the free weight section and start slingin’ around weights like Yosemite Sam throws around his mustache and cartoon guns on Saturday morning Looney Tunes programming. But as you roll into the 7th minute of your workout, you hear car crashes and sirens and screams of horror in the frontal lobe of your brain. Oh dear. The adrenaline has gone!

Everybody has seen this person and has likely been this person. The bleary, red-eyed lonesome soul sitting on a flat bench with a thousand mile stare. They didn’t have the time to get a sweat on before their brain jumps up and says, “Nope!”

Between yawns and deep sighs of growing angst, they drag themselves from machine to machine, dreading each moment of the work out. Crying silently in their head, they pull the pin from the weight stack, lift exactly zero and a half pounds and re-evaluate their life decisions.

Friends, this is no way to go to the gym. I am big on productivity and engagement and if you know for a fact that you won’t have that level of engagement on certain days, it is alright to have a day off! Remember that! Schedule in time for yourself to go to the gym throughout the week around a realistic schedule. If you have to work super late or have a ton of homework to do late at night on Saturday, maybe a 6 a.m. spin class is not what you need on Sunday. Do not get me wrong though. Don’t put off the gym for weeks because you are busy and tired, because the gym will give you more energy in your week. There is a difference between listening to your body and being just too lazy.

Plan your gym time around realistic goals and ensure that when you go to the gym, you enjoy it and get something out of your time there.

See you on the weight floor.

Written by Chad Baird | BCMM Public Relations Student | Mount Royal University

Stay tuned next week for Lesson Five: Don’t Be Fresh From the Febreze Factory

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