Do you Even Lift, Bro? Lesson Two

Lesson Two: Learn How to Get in the Best Shape of Your Life

In my last blog, I explained the issues surrounding my lack of focus during a sports performance class at the YMCA. I want to elaborate on this. Without a doubt, my sports performance class in high school was the most useful class I have ever taken. I learned how to better myself, how to workout at a functional level and how to avoid a multitude of injuries.

I have seen a plethora of poor decisions in the gym across my many years of running and lifting. I have seen people bicep curling 100 pound bars primarily with their lower back. I have witnessed people running in a flailing fashion that is sure to break an ankle during their travels. I have seen people lifting weights in ways that offer no conceivable benefit to their bodies whatsoever. Furthermore, think of all the people you don’t see at the gym.

Two years ago, I got my best friend into running. Recently, I asked him why he doesn’t go to the gym to gain some more muscle to benefit his runs.  His answer made me sad as he told me that the reason he doesn’t go to the gym and previously lived an unhealthy life is because he didn’t know how to workout.

There are so many people out there who are living unhealthy lives simply because they don’t know what to do when they get to the gym. There are many people who feel the gym would be an embarrassing or an unprofitable venture because they have not educated themselves on proper form and gym technique. Maybe this person is you.

I want today to be the day you decide to better yourself. A life of fitness is a beautiful thing. Educate yourself about fitness and join the millions of happy people who decided to learn about fitness to further enhance their time on this earth

  • If you are in high school, take sports performance or any fitness-based class that your school has to offer. I still use the skills I learned in those classes to better myself today.
  • For those of you who are going to post-secondary institutions, take fitness classes at your campus gym to learn how to workout. They are presented at phenomenal student rates and are so beneficial. The YMCA also has discounted rates for students and youth. It helps you so much in your life!
  • For those of you who are working full-time, find a gym that you love and start taking a few personal training sessions just to learn the ropes. The YMCA has awesome personal trainers and offers awesome classes to make you a better you. Also, just to get into the swing of things, start going to the gym with a fitness-oriented friend. Ask questions and engage.

I believe the most important part of fitness is the way in which we educate ourselves about the topic.

See you on the weight floor.

Written by Chad Baird | BCMM Public Relations Student | Mount Royal University

Stay tuned next week for Lesson Three: Hey You! Get Off the Phone!

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