Demo Days – AXE Capoeira at Shawnessy

Spring Demo Days are in full swing at all YMCA branches!
Tonight’s featured class at Shawnessy is Capoeira

Pronounced (kap-oh-air-ah), AXE Capoeira is a Brazilian mixed martial art developed 500 years ago by the slaves of Brazil who were forced to disguise their art form by incorporating elements of dance and acrobatics. Capoeira classes are for people of all ages and abilities and involve cardiovascular and muscular components as well as various forms of Brazilian music. A practice of martial arts, mixed with dance, core and muscle building.

Tonight’s Capoeira Demo classes:
Capoeira “Youth” (6-11Y) 6:30-7:30pm in Gym 1
Capoeira “Adult” (12Y+) 7:45-9:00pm in Gym 1
Check us out!