Delving Into Your Kid’s DNA

A simple question with a deeply complicated anwer. Do you want to know more about your kid’s genetic code to hopefully prevent future diseases? Seems a simple YES – because we want to protect our children and keep them healthy – but you can find out a whole lot more than you bargained for:

“This week’s TIME cover story asks a simple question with a complicated answer. Sophisticated DNA testing is allowing parents to learn more about the health of their children than ever before, but how much do we really want to know? Doctors are starting to use genome sequencing, which scans a person’s entire genetic code, to map the DNA of children, with the hope of catching diseases early and offering targeted treatments. But the tests can also detect mutations for diseases that may not develop for decades, if at all. Think about it for a minute: would you want to know if your toddler has an increased risk of getting cancer?”

Read the full article by Bonnie Rochman on the Time Healthland website.