Dealing with a Toddler & Other Parenting Advice

Have you checked out the website for the Hospital for Sick Kids lately? Not only is it loaded with great medical information, there is also a lot of helpful advice about parenting and general life events that surround most families. Here’s an example… A parent wrote in to one of the doctors for a bit of advice:

“My 23-month-old was a well-behaved little toddler until she went to daycare. Now she is whining like there is no tomorrow. She never did this until attending there. What do you do to stop it? I told her it’s not nice to whine and mommy doesn’t like it, but she insists on doing it now. She is also hitting and never did that before going to daycare either. Can these bad habits be broken or do I have to remove her from there and hope she forgets what she has seen? Please help!”

Click here to read the response and to view other postings on the Hospital for Sick Kids website.

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