Day Camp Weather Update – Aug 5 1:20 pm

A Severe Thunderstorm Warning has been declared at 12.56pm.

All day camp children are currently off site at various locations. Transport is being arranged to bring them back to their respective branches as soon as possible. All are in safe locations, with access to shelter. Once returned, they may remain at their normal branches until regular pick-up time.

Children at YMCA Camp Riveredge are being returned to their normal branches early, as soon as busing is available. Campers who are not normally bused will remain on-site for regular collection by their parents.

Safe, permanent shelter is available for all children who remain on site.

Further updates will be provided if the situation changes.




4:00 PM – All Campers have made it back to their respective branches. Camp Riveredge YMCA campers are on their way.