Crowfoot YMCA Member of the Month

Almost exactly five years ago one autumn morning, I made a brave venture into a new world, armed with a sweatband and a scrap of knowledge in weight lifting. Anxiety coursed through me, but as I made my first steps past the running track it came  together. I was ready. Ready to build the best possible biceps any awkward thirteen year old could hope for, and it would all start here, right at the gym of the Crowfoot YMCA. There was nothing to stop me.

Except of course, for the fact that all teens ages 13-17 are required to have a weight floor orientation. So fellow youth, remember that!

In the past five years since that first venture onto the weight floor, a lot has certainly changed. I’ve lost the sweatband, learned that there’s much more to exercise than bicep curls, but more importantly, I’ve furthered my passion for weight lifting, made tons of friends at the gym- and I volunteer! It was when I just started volunteering that I found myself facing the same nervousness that had struck me years back on my first time to the weight floor, but little did I know what was in store for me; volunteering at our YMCA demonstrated to me just how great of a community we have within these walls and gave me a true appreciation of the mission we strive to achieve as we bring the community, youth and people from all walks of life together. Many people may think of a gym as an intimidating place, but they’ll be pleasantly surprised as I have, that we have a gym here where the atmosphere is welcoming, and the people amazing. It’s the people here that define the YMCA, and that’s everyone from our active seniors, vibrant youth, amazing staff and volunteers, mothers and fathers- the list goes on, and I’m proud to be a part of this community!  It’s the things I get to do here during my time at the Y, like making friends with our members, helping out with weight floor orientations, seeing everyone pushing themselves and of course, spotting someone who’s bench pressing over 450 pounds, these are just some of the experiences that make me love volunteering here.

So from having swimming lessons here as a kid, working out as a teenager, volunteering and even having a part-time job, the YMCA has become something of a second home for me (albeit a home with a 25m pool and fully equipped gym- one can dream!). I certainly hope you’ll enjoy your time at our Y as much as I do.

-Anthony Wong

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