Creative Writing with LINC – The Donkey Cart

Today I am happy to share another story with you from my time with Neelam’s CLB 7 class. Enjoy and Happy Friday!

The Donkey Cart – by Sana

I landed in Canada 6 months ago. I am the eldest child of my family. My parents are in Pakistan. My father is a businessman and my mother is a home maker. My mother is the best cook I have ever seen. Being the eldest child of the family I have received too much care and love from my family. I still remember when I was young, I used to go to market with my father to buy the stuff for our shop. I would like to share a little incident that will be interesting for you.

Donkey Cart-page-001

One day I was going with my father to the market. We were on the motorbike; suddenly we saw a donkey cart coming to us. We were at the speed of 50 m/h. My father tried to escape the donkey, but while trying we both fell down. People gathered to watch and help us. My father had some scratches and people were trying to move the motorbike that was on top of him. Someone picked me up from the ground and placed me on the donkey cart.While I was sitting on the cart, the donkey started walking slowly. My mother taught me not to go out alone or even speak to a stranger. She said that if I did that, someone would kidnap me. When the donkey started walking, I thought that the person who picked me up from the ground was trying to kidnap me. I started crying and screaming. I was shouting and saying: ‘Dad, please rescue me from the stranger. He is trying to kidnap me.’ I continued shouting and crying until my father came to me and hugged me. He said: ‘ No honey, we are safe. Don’t cry, I’m with you.’ Everyone was laughing and enjoying the way in which I was complaining my father that a stranger could kidnap me. My father also forgot his injuries and started laughing.

There are so many stories to share but this one is the funniest to hear and closest to my heart. Now when all of us are grown up, whenever I am reminded of the gatherings, the stories, my mother’s aromatic dishes, those laugher, jokes, my siblings’ company, I miss them and feel like running back to my home being a little girl.