Creative Writing with LINC – Final Post

Greetings! Today is the last post in a series of stories written by Neelam’s LINC class. If you missed the beginning, here is part one and part two, to get you started. And if you have been reading from the beginning, thanks for following along! I hope you have enjoyed reading these stories as much as I have enjoyed sharing them with you.  And I’d like to say a big thank you to Neelam’s CLB 7 class for writing so creatively, and being open to sharing their stories on the blog. I am so proud of you!!

The Incredible Surprise  – by Anitha

I have a small family: dad, mom and me. My mom has 4 brothers and my father has 5 siblings. I don’t have any siblings; I am the only child to my parents. I born in Sri Lanka and my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents were also born in the same country.

While I was studying for my diploma, I got married, on November 12th, 2011. I got my Canadian visa 2 years later. One day, in November 2013, I received the letter from immigration. At that time, I was in Jaffna, one of the provinces. My husband was in Canada. After that I went to Colombo from my city.  It took 10 hours to go there. I always travel at night. I always stay in my father-in-law’s house. After I reached their house the next morning, I prepared to go to the immigration office with my father-in-law. Then I got my Canadian Visa and came back home. That day I was fasting. I had to return to my home to finish my fasting, so I called my husband and asked him, “may I go to my house?” He said, “No, you don’t go to your house, you should stay at our house”. I asked why, but he didn’t tell me anything, he only said “If you want me, you can stay, otherwise if you don’t want me, you can go home.” I said, “Ok I am staying in your home,” and after that I was upset the whole day. Why did he say that?

The next day my husband called me and said, “I am in the bus station to go outside regarding my work, so you can’t send a message, because after I go outside, the signal doesn’t work properly.” The next day we had a festival, Diwali. I have to wish “Happy Diwali” to him, but I cannot. On the festival day, it was my final fasting day so I didn’t eat anything. I was so tired and angry with my husband’s parents. Time was passing, my tension increasing, I was walking from the bedroom to the living room repeatedly. At that time my husband’s aunty was watching TV in the living room. Around 3 o’clock I was in the bedroom, then aunty was running through my room and saying, “your husband is coming”. I can’t believe it. I thought “she is joking”, then at that second I couldn’t believe my eyes . My husband was in front of me (When he called me from the bus station, he actually was in the airport) . It was an incredible moment for me. Only my husband’s parents knew that he was coming but they didn’t tell me. I got the Canadian Visa, as well my husband’s surprise visit. These two things happened at the same time, so I was very happy.