Contributing to a Healthy Community: Locker Room Health & Safety

In order for everyone to have a positive, enjoyable experience at the YMCA, there are a few guidelines that we ask all users to respect:

  1. Please remember that every cell phone is equipped with a camera.  The person beside you cannot tell if you are texting, playing games or possibly taking photos of them!  This is a very sensitive subject, so please step outside of the locker room if you must use your phone.
  2. Due to health reasons, shaving is best done at home – it is not permitted to shave in the communal shower area.  Please brush your teeth at the sinks, rather then in the shower.
  3. For their own and others’ safety, please ask your children to walk through the shower room.  Wet floors make it unsafe for them to run.
  4. Unfortunately, we have had several thefts from lockers – even when a lock has been used!  For the protection of your property, please use one of our heavy-duty locks that are much more difficult to break.

Please see our friendy and helpful staff if you have any questions or concerns about the above information.