Contributing to a Healthy Community

Group Exercise Etiquette

A great way to get started on your New Year’s fitness goals is to participate in a group exercise class.  At the YMCA, we offer a wide variety of free drop-in classes from Step Fit, to Group Cycle, Muscle Works and AquaFit, to name just a few.  There are as many reasons for taking a group exercise class as there are people in the class!  Some are there for the social aspect, some are there to take away ideas for their own workouts and others want to work hard and get in the most intense workout possible.  Whatever your reason for participating, please keep the following in mind:

  • If you are there to socialize, please respect the people who are there to get in a good workout and keep your conversation to a whisper level (or stay to the back of the room/pool).
  • New to group exercise?  Please come early and let the instructor know so that he/she can ensure you stay safe during class.  This is especially true for cycling classes – it takes time for the instructor to help you set up the bike properly and proper set-up is crucial for your comfort and safety.
  • Please arrive on time.  It is unsafe for you to miss the warm-up and jump right into the workout.
  • Commit to staying for the entire class.  The stretch is the most important part of any exercise class; your muscles have worked hard and they need the flexibility training and relaxation provided during the final part of the class.
  • Bring a water bottle!  It is critical that you stay hydrated to avoid cramping, headaches, nausea, etc.

Most of all, have fun; that’s what group exercise is all about!