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Outdoor Exercise

Now that we have “sprung forward” and the weather is getting nicer, many of us like to take our workouts to the great outdoors.  Outdoor exercise has many great benefits:  it adds variety and interest to your workout, it feels good to be in the sunshine, you just have to step out your door and begin – no travel time, and the changing terrain can add more of
a challenge to your routine.  There are also some precautions that will keep your workout safe:

  1. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you can check the weather channel for pollens in the air and exercise at a time when the pollen count is low.
  2. Ensure you dress in layers – the weather in spring is very changeable – it’s easier to take layers off if you become too warm than it is to have too little clothing if you get cold.
  3. Watch out for that winter gravel – many a cyclist and runner has been injured by a fall due to slipping on gravel – take extra care until the street sweepers have done their job.
  4. The UV index is also available on the weather channel – it’s early in the year right now, but is still possible to sunburn if you’re out too long unprotected.  Try to
    exercise when the UV index is low; if this isn’t possible, make sure you wear a hat, sunglasses and, of course, slather on that SPF 30 or higher!

Stay healthy and accident-free and enjoy your outdoor workout!

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