Contributing to a Healthy Community

A popular question our staff gets asked is, “What is the most effective cardio workout?”

The answer varies greatly, depending on your fitness goals. Long, steady-state cardio provides many health benefits including lower blood pressure, stress relief, lower cholesterol, increased lung and heart capacity, increased endurance and general well-being.

If better overall health is your goal, steady state running, swimming, biking, walking, etc. will enable you to reach that goal. If you want to change your body composition and/or lose weight, higher intensity, shorter workouts are much more effective. The key is the high intensity – as long as you are working hard enough (i.e. you NEED to have your mouth open to breath), you can get a very effective workout in as little as 16 minutes. Classes such as Interval Blast, HEAT and Metabolic Conditioning all offer a high intensity workout that will help you achieve these goals. Alternatively, a personal trainer can also give you this kind of workout and will ensure that you work hard enough to reach those goals.

Next time you go for a run, add some sprinting intervals – 20-30 seconds per interval is a good guideline.

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