Contributing to a Healthy Community

Have a Healthy Aquatic Experience!

At the YMCA, we are committed to complying with Alberta Public Health Laws in order to keep our members safe and healthy.  Whenever people enter the pool, any body oils, bacteria and personal care products mean the chemical levels need to be increased.  The more chemicals introduced to the water, the more eye and skin irritations occur; showering reduces the need for these chemicals.  If you really don’t want to get your hair wet, you must wear a shower or swim cap.

YMCA Calgary is also committed to providing an environment where people from all ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds feel welcome and included.  In addition to conventional swimwear, particpants may wear long-sleeve pants, shirts, t-shirts, traditional ethnic clothing.  To keep the pool free from contaminants, the clothing must be different from clothing worn to the facility and a cleansing shower while wearing the swim attire must be taken before entering the pool.

Please see any of our aquatic staff should you have any questions regarding our clothing/showering policies.