Congratulations to the 2012 Volunteer of the Year Winners!

Here at YMCA Calgary, we are extremely fortunate to have over 1100 volunteers work together with YMCA staff to provide more than 100,000 hours of time and talent each year. Volunteers help us build communities that are vibrant and healthy; a place where children, youth and adults belong, grown, thrive and lead.

This year, we have selected thirteen outstanding volunteers who have made a difference in our community.

2012 Volunteer of the Year Winners:

Rebekah Sharrock – Association Services Adult Volunteer

Dave Pokrandt – Camp Chief Hector Adult Volunteer

Kyle Wegrzynowski – Camp Chief Hector Youth Volunteer

Earl Cardinal – Community YMCA Adult Volunteer

Teresa Li – Community YMCA Youth Volunteer

Al Hathaway – Crowfoot YMCA Adult Volunteer

Sarah McCarthy – Crowfoot YMCA Youth Volunteer

Ray Schmidt – Eau Claire YMCA Adult Volunteer

Chiara Toselli – Eau Claire YMCA Youth Volunteer

Dhaivat Dave – Saddletowne YMCA Adult Volunteer

Aldo Divine – Saddletowne YMCA Youth Volunteer

Barb Leteta – Shawnessy YMCA Adult Volunteer

Una Mrdja – Shawnessy YMCA Youth Volunteer

Congratulations to each and every one of you!